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Sedation Dentistry in Charlottetown

We provide conscious sedation for patients who are anxious or who prefer to be sedated and relaxed during treatment. Although it’s often called “sleep dentistry,” conscious sedation doesn’t actually put you to sleep. You enter a deep relaxed state, and depending on the type and amount of sedation, you may not be aware of your treatment or surroundings.

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Oral Sedation

Oral sedatives produce a mild to moderate degree of sedation. You take the sedative just before arriving for your appointment so the medication can take effect before your treatment begins. The sedative will impair your ability to drive so you will need to arrange transportation home from your appointment.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide produces a mild, euphoric sedative effect that quickly wears off when the gas is shut off. It won’t leave you drowsy and you can drive after your appointment.

If you suffer from anxiety and would like to know more about sedation dentistry, give us a call.